Dear Doctor,

You may be interested in dental handpiece repair that costs half what you're paying now, while covering you with exceptional warranties. If so, please read on.

Most national suppliers stick pretty closely to the manufacturer's suggested retail price and, as you know, that's not usually the best deal around. You might opt to send your repairs to another independent or (gasp!) franchise handpiece repair service, but the warranty periods aren't all that attractive.

You can solve both equations at Inland Dental. Handpieces run at rpms measured in the tens or hundreds of thousands. Less than 0.001 of an inch can be the difference between quiet, long-lasting performance and instrument failure. Under such exacting conditions, experience, better parts, and special equipment make all the difference. That's exactly what we offer and it means our repair services are more cost-effective for you.

Here's some more good news:
  • After we've serviced your instrument once, we track it every time it comes in, eliminating paperwork headaches on your end.
  • Our warranties may be twice as long as those of other independent firms (see highspeed or lowspeed pages).
  • We provide cost free pick-up or shipping, in both directions. Please download our Repair Submission Kit.
  • Since there are no dealer channels to navigate, your repaired unit is returned soon after we get it, usually overnight.
  • Some offices have told us their repaired handpieces look better than new.

If you like what you've read so far, please visit our high speed and low speed listings, call (509) 465-9388 or (800) 747-5054 for pricing information, or send your handpiece in for an evaluation. As always, estimates are free.

We look forward to serving you in the future.


Tom Vahlstrom

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